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Recommended Storage

  • Storage Time – PET bottles should be used in a First In, First Out system to limit the time stored. It is recommended that the bottles are filled with the intended product immediately or within 7-14 calendar days of receipt as empty PET bottles are more vulnerable to fluctuating temperature and humidity.
  • Storage Temperature and Humidity– Elevated storage temperatures (above 100°F/38°C) allow empty PET bottles to further shrink, mainly due to relaxation of the oriented and partially oriented regions of the bottle. Extreme temperature conditions (above 131°F/55°C) can cause severe distortion of the amorphous areas of the bottle, including the finish and neck. The recommended humidity is between 40-60%. Moderate storage temperature and humidity should be provided to insure consistent bottle dimensions and properties.
  • Surface Contamination – Storage area should be kept clean, dry, dust, odor, insect, and rodent free. PET bottles should not be stored in direct sunlight. Aromatic materials such as spices, solvents, ink, cleaning supplies, and disinfectants should not be stored in the same area as PET bottles.
  • Shipping Conditions – It is recommended when empty PET bottles are shipped to or through areas where outdoor temperatures may exceed 90°F/32°C a temperature controlled container or trailer capable of maintaining a temperature of 80°F/27°C or lower be used.