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1 bundle is equal to 285 pcs for the INV.250C collection. For free sample requests, please send us a message at 0917-633-6592 or email us at sales@innovpack.ph or sales2@innovpack.ph

Shipping Instructions

*Pick up instructions will be sent to your email within 24hrs.

*Prices do not include shipping.

*Free shipping within NCR for 10,000 pcs and up.

*Contact us for a shipping estimate.

Recommended Storage

  • Do not store above 35 degrees Celcius (95 degrees Farenheit), to avoid heat deformation.
  • Take care when arranging transit and temporary storage - avoid trucks with black curtains, and do not store pallets on trailers.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight - this can be tricky when taking into account skylights and loading dock areas.
  • Keep away from external heat sources - a motor exhaust or a heater may create an overly warm area in the storage facility.
  • Do not shrink- or stretch-wrap before use in production.
  • Do not store with glass or brittle plastics, to avoid cross-contamination in the event of a breakage of one of these types of product.
  • Store away from areas with strong odours, and away from cleaning chemicals and materials, to prevent odour contamination.
  • Avoid excessive force, and carefully read all recommendations regarding stacking of pallets.