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the download link to the folder of our 3 brochures:

1. Main brochure - This brochure features packaging options that you may customize. Min. order around 5-10k pcs.

2. SME brochure - This brochure features packaging options that you may customize using labels. Min. order around 500-1k pcs. Min. order will increase to 3k pcs if you prefer to have direct print (ex. silk screen printing/hot foil stamping).

3. Sustainable packaging brochure - This brochure features eco-friendly packaging options. All sizes are customizable based on your preference. Min. order depends on the material chosen (1k-25k pcs).

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From the Founders

 At Innovpack, we support small, medium, and large businesses. We customize all your primary packaging (bottles/jars/tubes/etc), secondary packaging (boxes/pouches/bags/etc), and labels (sticker/shrink sleeve) to ensure

your products will stand out.


We do not keep stocks in the Philippines since keeping stocks would result to a lot of brands having the same exact packaging.

Being in the Innovpack ecosystem means that we will be able to guide you if there is another brand with an existing similar packaging. While we cannot 100% ensure that your packaging will be one-of-a-kind, it will be our mission to ensure you maintain your brand's unique identity.


We want to see local brands grow and make the Philippines a cosmetics giant and benchmark.

Let's all work together to make this happen!

Quality Assured

Responsibly Sourced

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