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What types of packaging do you have?

While Innovpack is a registered PET bottle manufacturer, it is also a Bureau of Customs accredited importer of stock and customized plastic, glass, metal, bamboo, paper, and other special materials, making it a one-stop-shop for all your packaging requirements.

*For primary packaging, we have bottles, jars, tubes, make up containers, closures (sprayers/pumps/caps), stand up pouches, spout bags, etc. We also do custom color and mold for all primary packaging.

*For secondary packaging, we have boxes, courier pouches, paper bags, plastic bags, pouches, etc.

*For labels we have sticker and shrink sleeve labels.

All our packaging materials can be sold without or with artwork/finishing such as silk screen printing, hot foil stamping, UV coating, spray coating, electroplating, etc.

Majority of our products are currently being used for different applications in personal care (soap/shampoo/lotion/serum/moisturizer/facial wash/etc), color cosmetics (lipgloss/lipstick/face powder/etc), home care (disinfectants/alcohol/etc), and pet care (dog shampoo/etc)

Please note that while we specialize in cosmetics packaging, we can also provide secondary packaging for other industries such as food & beverage, logistics, retail, etc.

Do you have a brochure?

Yes, we have a brochure but please note that since we have a very high product variety, it is not feasbile for us to place everything in our brochures. It is still best to send us your requirement so we can recommend the packaging that fits your need.

You may request it from our Sales team via SMS/Viber 0917-633-6592 or email us at

How do we request for samples?

Before we release samples, our Sales team needs to understand your requirements first. Please coordinate with us through +63 917-633-6592 or

Existing Clients:

If sample is available locally - free sample, free delivery

If sample is not available locally - paid sample, free delivery

New Clients:

If sample is available locally - free sample, paid delivery (local charges)

If sample is not available locally - paid sample, paid delivery (import/local charges)

Existing Clients are clients with at least 2 successful mass production orders with Innovpack

Minimum Order & Stock Items

What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

The MOQ depends on the artwork requirement, stock availability in the factory (local/overseas), and material. Size, finishing, and other customizations may also affect MOQ.

Generally, smaller sizes require higher MOQ, while larger sizes require lower MOQ.

MOQ for on-hand PET bottles on our website:

50ml - 180pcs (BASED ON INV-50A)

60ml­ - 153pcs (BASED ON INV-60A)

250ml- 221pcs (BASED ON INV-250B)

500ml - 103pcs (BASED ON INV-500B)

MOQ for on-hand items on our Shopee store is 50-100pcs.

Can I order below MOQ?

For each order, whether large or small, we incur a minimum fixed documentation, labor, and packing costs. Management-approved orders below MOQ shall be subject to additional "small order surgcharge" to cover the fixed costs. If you are just buying below MOQ for sample approval, please go to the FAQ section "Products & Services" and click "How do we request for samples?"

Prices & Requesting for Quotations

Can you give us a quotation for this item (shows photo)? Can you imitate this product (shows photo)?

All request for quotations should include details like product code (if applicable), quantity, material, color, capacity/size, artwork, finishing requirements, and target delivery date so we can fully understand your requirements and quote accurately. To further improve our recommendation, please let us know the application (hand soap, lotion, etc.) so our Chemist can recommend the appropriate material for your product. We can also help recommend the shape and customization requirements if you give us an overview of your branding requirements.

Request for a quotation:

Yes, we can imitate your current packaging design and possibly improve its current specifications (ex. more durable container, better artwork quality, etc.). We, however, cannot accept imitation requests if you do not legally own the brand. We require that our clients show proof of ownership of the said brand.

Do you have a price list?

We have a price list for certain imported plastic closures (cap, pump, sprayers), spout bags, and bottles produced in our local plant.


Shop low MOQ packaging: Shop low MOQ closures/spout bags: Request for a quotation:


For other imported and custom items, the price will also depend on our import costs. Import costs can be finalized once we have the final cubic meter (CBM) and value of your order to help us compute freight, duties, and taxes. Local delivery charges will depend on your preferred delivery arrangement (staggerd/full) and location.

Other costs to consider are special packing requirements if you will not be using our standard PE bag for local bottles or cartons with polybag for imported packaging items.

How long before I can get the quotation I requested?

It depends on your packaging requirements as we need to communicate with the production team (local or overseas) and freight forwarding partner to check the rates. Waiting time can range from 1 day to 1 week depending on how complex your requirement is.

For PET bottles, we can send you a quotation within 30mins.

What do I need to submit to ask for an accurate quotation?

To request for a quotation, please fill up this form:

Please fill up the PINK form for PET bottle requirements

Please fill up the GREEN form for non-PET bottle requirements

Lead Time & Stocks

What is your lead time?

General guide: All bottle shapes found here are ready for production in our Metro Manila plant. Lead time is 3-20 days depending on your order quantity. MOQ is 5,000 pcs for out-of-stock items. Non-PET items except for PP closures are imported from our overseas partner plants based on our Clients' requirements.

Production lead time:

The lead time depends on the customization requirement, stock availability, and timing of order. Whether imported or locally made, our production lead time is generally 3-20 days.

Shipping lead time:

The lead time for imported items depend on the mode of transport (via Sea or Air). If via Sea, allot additional est. 15-20 days if it’s LCL and est. 10-15 days if it’s FCL (full container). If via Air, allot est. 5 to 7 days. Shipping lead time starts from the day it reaches the port of origin. For locally produced items, shipping lead time is just 2-3 days depending on truck availability from Valenzuela to any point in Metro Manila. For non-Metro Manila shipment, we need to know the final address first to help us compute the lead time.

Please note that international sourcing and shipping impose a lot of uncertainties in both production and shipping lead time. Because of different laws, holidays, and customs regulations in different countries, we cannot 100% guarantee the lead time. We always try our best to stick to the lead time but like in any business, please set lead time buffers to manage expectations of your end clients.

The most important holiday to watch out for is Chinese New Year (CNY) break that happens from January-February of every year. We highly discourage ordering imported goods 1-2 months before January as factories are rushing orders from around the world. With this, quality and lead time might be compromised. Due to the spike in orders, raw materials, labor, and logistics costs are also likely to rise. Post-CNY, we recommend placing an order 2 weeks to 1 month after they resume work as this is the time they have normalized their operations. This means that they have finished most of the backlog pre-CNY and majority of their employees are back in the factory. Please note that different factories have different start and end of work schedules. You will be informed of the relevant cut off dates before you place an order so you can properly plan your inventory.

Do you keep stocks?

We keep stocks of certain imported plastic closures (cap, pump, sprayers), spout bags, and bottles produced in our local plant. For custom orders, they are usually imported.

To check available low MOQ items, you may also place an order via: (PET bottles/sets) (Sprayers/pumps/caps/spout bags)

We also keep stocks of orders with a blanket PO set-up – meaning we stock packaging inventory good for 2-3 months and deliver partial quantity to the client based on an agreed schedule. Please note that we only do this with long-term clients with good credit history.

Order Processing

How do we place an order?

A. Stock items

To check available low MOQ items, you may also place an order via:

PET bottles/sets: Sprayers/pumps/caps/spout bags: If you can't find what you are looking first, please request for a quotation here:

Please fill up the PINK form for PET bottle requirements

Please fill up the GREEN form for non-PET bottle requirements

B. Non-stock items

For local orders: Once you have given us a signed quotation and sample, you can pay the down payment to our corporate bank account. Once the check clears, we will start to process the order in our Valenzuela plant. We will update you once it is ready for delivery to your address. Terms for the balance settlement depends on your contract with Innovpack.

For import orders: Once you have given us a signed quotation and sample, you can pay the down payment to our corporate bank account. Once the check clears, we will remit the fund to the overseas plant for processing. We will update you 3 times - Once the goods are ready for shipment from the origin, once the goods arrive in Manila port, and once it is ready for delivery to your address. Terms for the balance settlement depends on your contract with Innovpack.

Setting Up Meetings

Can we set a meeting with you?

To avoid the spread of COVID-19, meetings inside or outside the facility are not allowed at the moment. However, we are happy to share with you returnable samples of your requirements. Pick up expenses through Grab/Lalamove/Mr. Speedy shall be covered by the Client.

Safety Protocols During COVID

What are your safety protocols in your facility?

All employees of Innovpack are vaccinated to protect them from COVID-19. Aside from practicing health protocols such as wearing of face masks and social distancing, we also do fogging and disinfection in the facility 3x a day (before working hours, after lunch, and after working hours). We also do not allow visitors unless it is absolutely necessary to conduct business and they present a negative RT-PCR or Antigen test or a vaccination card.

Contact Details

How do I contact Innovpack?

To reach us, please see the details below:

Mobile: 0917-633-6592


Website and shop:

Shopee store for on-hand items:

May I speak with a Sales Representative?

You may send you concerns to +63 917-633-6592 or

Where is Innovpack located?

Innovpack's warehouse/factory is in Paso de Blas, Valenzuela City. The Waze pin is "Innovpack Warehouse"

Payment Method & Terms

What is the payment method?

We accept direct deposits or check issuance to our Metrobank account. Our bank details will be sent to you once the order is confirmed and is ready for payment.

Gcash/paymaya coming soon.

For COD options, you may check our Shopee store

What are your payment terms?

On-hand items need to be fully paid prior to delivery unless you are an existing Client with a good payment and credit history with Innovpack. Custom orders for new customers normally require a 50-60% downpayment depending on the risks associated with the order. Please understand that we cannot sell customized orders to other customers in the unfortunate event that the original customer failed to settle the payment. The balance settlement is normally paid during delivery or pick up. After 3 successful orders, payment terms are negotiable.

BIR Documents

How are receipts issued?

Innovpack is a BIR VAT-registered manufacturer and importer so part of our tax obligation is to issue a BIR-issued VAT Sales Invoice (SI) for each delivered and fully paid transaction. As a supplemental document, we can also issue a BIR Collection Receipt (CR). CRs are normally issued for downpayments/partial payments. In addition, we need to deduct 1% from the vat ex amount of orders from top withholding agents (ex. top tax payers). The said agent is obliged to issue a BIR Form 2307 to Innovpack Inc.

I am not VAT-registered, do you still need to charge me 12% VAT?

Yes. As your supplier, we still need to charge you 12% VAT as we are a VAT-registered company. When the seller is non-VAT registered, then the company is not obliged to charge you VAT. If your company is non-VAT, you still need to issue a receipt but you do not have to charge VAT to your customers. Please do not forget to settle your percentage tax obligations.